• RÅDHUS BREVKORT – More og Romsdal

    The category print design, illustration the obhective development Visual language by illustrating in order to use them as a part of print documents the outlinethe project, “rådhus brevkort” That means literally ‘city postcards’ in norwegian, based on An idea of creating several graphic products remaining amazing Environment in norway, by illustrating. In the spring term, while i was free - mover, i tried to watch over, then illustrate the view in Volda and its neighbour town, orsta in sunnmore region. Due to My impression, to fix them with this postcard project, i developed The sketches to use them as elements located on postcards containig Cold colours of norwegian mountains and weather. In Volda there are sweet people that want to visit and contact Again and again in the future, therefore i consider that the products That i will needed are postcards. That’s why “rådhus brevkort” Is a postcard project. The output three various postcards Including handmade illustrations and typface has produced Year 2012